Friday, October 28, 2016

                                                            Crazy Hair day!!!!!!

       Very often on a regular basis, I get questions with help for costumes for parties. I have owned an entertainment company for 14 years that has elaborate costumes, of course, I should know how to put together a perfect costume in 10 min well that is what people may think. I normally hear people say I am not crafty; I can't sew and just not creative. Well, I use to say that about myself, but it's pretty amazing what we moms can pull out of our hat when needed. Today was a great example. It's been a long week, and I had been sick and that type of sick that levels you in bed where you can't get anything done. I think this hits me like once every 5 years. In fact, this morning when I came down the kitchen and my husband said: “my wife is back.”

         So this morning about half way through getting kids ready my daughter ask what day it is? I say Friday and she said it's crazy hair day! I think crud I've got like maybe 10 min to put something together and still have time to get lunches ready and them breakfast. So I happen to have seen a cute spider hairdo on Facebook the other day and off I go running. Downstairs to craft bag and then to my colored hairspray and off to find bobby pins and rubber bands. I return back up stair sweaty and breathing a little heavy (don’t judge I am still getting over being sick I am not that out of shape). And I knew I didn’t have time to make it perfect but away I went hair into a bun, twisty legs stuck into a bun. I sprayed the head of spider, poke holes for eyes, unfortunately, can't find any googly eyes, so I make it work. Then spray color into hair and then how the heck do I get the spider to stay? Oh, bobby pins I say! And boom bam messy spider hair.

     No it was not perfect Pinterest looking by any means, and Martha Steward would have probably gagged, but it was all mommy created with sweat, paint, and love. So a momy win, Abby loved it and pretty sure she has the most elaborate hair out of anyone.Remember kids don’t need Pinterest perfect things even though I love Pinterest don’t get me wrong, they just need you loving them and trying your best, they will always have those memories and someday be doing the same thing with their kids.