Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fun 4th of July Treats Ill be Makin What about you

So do any of these treats look good! I think so I think I am going to do the festive cups. What about all of you? Feel free to share pictures, ideas and reciepes.

Beach theme or Little Mermaid theme

If you are wanting some fun in the sun birthday parties or just fun theme parties. If you live by a beach then these themes are great to use. A great place to get lots of fun decorations for cheaper is the oriental training company here is the link this site has a ton of fun stuff for cheap. Also if you are looking for some fun decorations but do not want to spend a lot of money here are some ideas. You can go shell hunting and use those as decorations on the table. Take some of your clear glasses and fill with sand and shells for decorations on the table. Look around the house and get creative you dont have to spend a ton on decorations when many times you have some good old treasures sitting around the house or even check out some garage sales you can usually find great stuff for such a minimal amount. Share with use your ideas, thoughts, or quesitons. Its your turn to blog.

Party Ideas for you summer parties

Hi all,

summer is so much fun with some many fun themes and party ideas. If you are needing ideas or have a great one to share this is the blog to do it in.